Pharmaceutical Waste Management - Anenta Ltd

NHS England and Improvement - South East Region has reviewed the management provision for pharmaceutical waste in Hampshire & Isle of Wight

With effect from 1st May 2020, Anenta Ltd have been appointed to undertake all management of pharmaceutical waste on behalf of all community pharmacies in the above areas

Update 8th February 2022

New Guide to Managing Waste in Pharmacy avaialble:

Update - 6th May 2020

Please read the attached follow-on letter from Anenta regarding timely access to pick-up your waste medicines through prioritising collection employees, so removing the need for them to queue during the COVID-19 pandemic:


You will continue to get collections from your regular contractor - SRCL or SharpSmart.

All queries related to clinical waste management (returned/unwanted medicines) must now go to Anenta

The team within Anenta are highly experienced in all matters related to waste management including clinical waste compliance, contract management and financial management. Anenta will manage all contract related matters, operational and financial validations issues while working with all waste producers and contractors to improve compliance and efficiency levels.  The contracts under management in your area specifically relate to the waste collection services provided by SRCL and SharpSmart.   

Anenta will be your single point of contact for clinical and pharmaceutical waste issues

Anenta operate an online system that will allow you to interact with them to make service requests, advise of deficiencies in the service or to simply seek advice in a fully auditable manner.  This system has been deployed in Kent, Surrey and Sussex and in London and has proven invaluable in the management of waste. The system will also hold compliance documentation on your behalf and any other relevant communication, service level requirements and FAQ’s to assist you.

Action required by all community pharmacies:

In order for Anenta to deliver on all aspects of the services procured to assist you and NHS England and Improvement, it is imperative that you complete a short online form confirming the details of your premises from 1st May 2020.  These details will be used to link you to pre-existing information held within Anenta’s online platform (Vector) to give you full access.

Please complete all fields within the form by going to the following URL:

Once complete you will receive an immediate confirmation of completion to the email addressed entered in the form.  A subsequent email will follow advising you that your online account with Anenta is available to access.  Accessing Vector is extremely easy with no passwords required.  Anenta are utilising new, yet secure access protocols, which enhances the user experience.

Vector is a secure and fully auditable communication and management system used to manage waste contracts and deliver effective service to you, financial accountability for NHS England and Improvement and sustainability and cost efficiencies for all stakeholders. The full spectrum of functionality will become apparent when you login into the system following registration. Within your online account you will find a great deal of information related to the service being delivered to you by the clinical waste contractor.  All issues and queries should be logged within this intuitive system.

Important Contact details

Here are some important contact details for you to share with colleagues -

For urgent collections or additional stock please contact Anenta:

For more about Anenta Ltd please visit their website